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Nikole Smith


Nikole is Originally from Southern California, where she still resides. She began dancing at 2 1/2 years old at a local studio. Training at several local studios with her primary focus in Ballet Until the age of Twelve when she was introduced the Edge PAC in Hollywood. She Began training with the staff there as well as local studios such 

as “Studio C” and “Huntington Academy of Dance”. Soon she was assisting classes and performing in choreography shows in and around Hollywood. At age 15 she  

became a professional dancer booking her first of many job opportunities, at this time she also began her teaching career. A couple months later she was touring with Aaron 

Carter, continuing this job for the next 2 1/2 years. Moving forward in her career with 

appearances in Television and film including a few of these; The Muppet movie, Glee, 

Americas Got Talent, Did you Hear about the Morgans?, Six feet under, Buffy the 

Vampire Slayer, Even Stevens, Scrubs, and One Republics “All the Right Moves” video. She has had the privilege to work with choreographers such as Michael Rooney, Adam 

Shankman, Anne Fletcher, Tony Michaels, Dee Caspary, Dan Karaty and many more. 

Nikole is grateful for the teachers such as Gregg Russell who invested in her and gave 

her the guidance that lead to her long career in dance. Her appreciation of these 

teachers is a driving force behind her love of teaching and giving back what was given 

to her. 

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