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Dance wear is required for all classes. Students must wear comfortable form-fitting dance attire to display proper body alignment and allow for easy movement. No baggy t-shirts, baggy shorts, blue jeans, no jewelry or other inappropriate attire will be allowed. Hair should always be securely pulled away from the face.

(Ages 6 and under)

Ballet/Acro/Tap &









Pink or Black Leotard – Ballet skirt (optional) – Footed ballet tights – Ballet slippers with elastic – Black patent leather Mary Janes – Hair pulled back.

Boys: White or black T-shirt or tank top. – Black basketball shorts or dance pants - Black ballet slippers.

Kinderdance: Same as above or form-fitted athletic clothing. Ballet and Tap shoes will be used for class .

Girls: Black leotard, ballet tights, and split-sole canvas ballet slippers. Hair must be pulled back neatly in a bun unless hair is too short for a bun, then all hair is to be secured away from the face. A solid color sports bra, preferably black is allowed if needed but not recommended. Skirts are allowed. No shorts allowed.

Boys: Black Shorts, boys/mens black tights, white or black t-shirt, white or black ballet shoes.

Any type of form-fitting appropriate clothing such as jazz/athletic pants, leggings, shorts, leotards, sports bras or form-fitting t-shirt and tap shoes.

*Please inspect tap shoes before each class for loose screws or taps. Loose screws cause permanent damage to the dance floors. Please see the front desk for assistance with tap repairs.

Form-fitting dance or athletic attire and lyrical shoes, half soles or jazz shoes. Bare feet or dance socks may also be appropriate, but should be approved by the instructor.

Dancers may wear their desired choice of clothing if it is appropriate for class. No Jeans, T-Shirts, or pajama pants. Hair pulled out of your face.

Any comfortable/appropriate clothing. Sneakers (preferably not the same ones used for outside every day wear) shoes must be clean and free of rocks/dirt/debris.


*Please inspect street shoes prior to class for rocks, mud/dirt and debris.  ABSOULETLY NO HEELIES (wheeled sneakers) or spiked heels will be allowed in the dance rooms.

Dress Code Policy:

Cold weather attire – Form-fitted long-sleeved shirts and jackets (NO hoods for any class except HIP HOP).

Team dancers are expected to follow the dress code consistently and the policy will be strictly enforced. If you are not following the dress code, teachers may offer a verbal warning to be corrected immediately. Dancers get one warning. If the issue occurs again, dancers must wear a leotard and leggings or shorts for an entire month (not including hip hop).

Advanced dancers ages 11+ may show their belly button. Dancers ages 10 and younger, may show their stomach, but cannot show their belly button.

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