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Tessa Cisneros





Tessa is a long time student and teacher of movement and health. Gymnastics was her first love as a small child. When she advanced to team she trained in ballet and jazz to compliment her gymnastics. In high school she became a gymnastics and cheer assistant. Then spent a couple years at Pozar’s gym in Sacramento as a lead instructor. Tessa then opened her mobile gymnastics business, Kid’s Gym, serving in a variety of environments for 5 years. With a desire to take her teaching to another level, she returned to school so she could provide deeper life skills with movement technique. Graduating from UC Berkeley with an interdisciplinary degree in social norms and social controls, her focus is child abuse prevention and community action. She continues to live her thesis, Movements with Intentions of No Harm, as she teaches each class to empower the next generation of movers. Tessa has been teaching gymnastics, tumbling, acro, ninja at LA City Recs for 5 years with Life Moves Through Yoga and Somatic Arts. She also teaches at several after school program and provides private and small group classes. She is the co-owner of Pura Vida O2, an oxygen wellness business that serves nutritious products and intuitive healing. It is Tessa’s vision to train for strong and flexible, body and mind.




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