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Fusion Studios offers a full range of classes for all ages. We feature a wide spectrum of dance classes from ballet, contemporary and even tumbling. Our high energy professional dance instructors are some of L A’s best.

The Fusion Team inspires students through the introduction of cutting-edge choreography and positive reinforcement. Setting goals, accepting challenges and achieving objectives is life affirming. We take pride in our students and their accomplishments.This school provides professional training and an inviting environment to help students excel in the arts they desire.

Fusion Studios is a place where students of all ages can come and express themselves on the dance floor.

Fusion’s teachers genuinely care about their students and wish nothing but for them to have the desire to embrace dance as much as they do. To push each student to their greatest potential is our philosophy.

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Sandra Barranco


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Natalie Nichols


Studio Director Chelsea Harold



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Claire Oppenheim

Kimberly Matich

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Laura Chachich

Chelsea Harold

Jami Shapiro


Kelli Cubillos


Cameron Graham

Sydney Smith 

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Andrew Rincon

Suri Serrano

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Dani Clement

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Keith Prater

Kara Yasunaga

Laura Storrie

Nicole Dougherty